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Data Adapter

A DISK Data adapter is the implementation of the DataAdapter abstract class (show at the end). This adapters are used to add data into the DISK System.

The data adapter must be able to perform at least the following operations:

  • Process a data query and obtain results (files and parameters).
  • Obtain SPARQL results to use as options.
  • Get information about files in the repository (hashes, dates, etc).
public abstract class DataAdapter {
    private String endpointUrl, name, username, password, prefix, namespace;

    public DataAdapter (String URI, String name, String username, String password);

    public String getEndpointUrl ();
    public String getName ();
    protected String getUsername ();
    protected String getPassword ();

    public void setPrefix (String prefix, String namespace);
    public String getPrefix ();
    public String getNamespace ();

    public abstract List<DataResult> query (String queryString);

    //This data query must return two variable names:
    static public String VARURI = "uri";
    static public String VARLABEL = "label";
    public abstract List<DataResult> queryOptions (String varname, String constraintQuery);

    // file -> hash
    public abstract Map<String, String> getFileHashes (List<String> dsurls);

    // Check that a LOI is correctly configured for this adapter
    public abstract boolean validateLOI (LineOfInquiry loi, Map<String, String> values);